The Washington International Center for Creativity, PLLC offers
training workshops and courses at the center location and on site at
organizations locations.
Creativity Workshops and Courses
Washington International Center for Creativity, PLLC
5335 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Suite 440
Washington, DC, 20015
(202) 243-0595
To request and schedule a Creativity Workshop at your
organization or educational institution please contact us.

The training workshops and courses offered at the Washington
International Center for Creativity, PLLC location are announced
on this website and the registration form is available for
downloading. We must receive the completed registration form
prior the start date of the course or training workshop.
WICC Training Workshops and Courses

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Coping with Creative Personalities

  • Thinking Tools for Optimizing Creative Thinking

  • The Creative Process

  • From Incubation to Insight

  • Facilitation of the Creative Process

  • How are Geniuses Creative?

  • Neurobiology of the Creative Process
Registration Open

Saturday October 23rd 11 AM - 3 PM
Workshop:"Creative problem Solving: Strategies and Techniques
that Enhance Productivity and Effectiveness"
at the Washington International Center for Creativity, PLLC
WICC training workshops and courses of
especial interest to educators

  • Identifying and Nurturing the Creative Potential

  • Creative Problem Solving for Children

  • The Incubation Model of Teaching

  • Creativity and Personality Development in Early

  • Creative Reading and Role Playing

  • Psychological and Educational Approaches to

  • Creative Children: Traits, Behaviors and Needs

  • Gifted Children in Mainstream Classrooms

  • Creative Mentoring
If you are interested in attending to this
workshop please contact us  (202) 243-0595